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Let your assets work harder for you

Alternative finance solutions for your property

Loan Factory assist our clients to secure a loan against residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Singapore.The assessment criteria is to look at property loans from a different perspective. Our partners focus primarily on the property and its market value before considering secondary factors such as cash flow and credit history. Furthermore, the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) rule does not apply with our partners. This can be especially useful to an individual who is asset-rich but temporarily lacking liquidity.

Convert Equity to Cash

We Tailor To Your Needs

Mortgage Refinancing

Have you passed the lock-in period for your home loan? Why are you paying more than the current market interest rates?

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Equity Loans

Equity loan allows you to take a term loan against your property at low interest rates.

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Business Financing

When your business needs to expand, we understand your business and your needs, proposing the best solution to drive your business.

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Why Us?

  1. 1Trustworthy We are a team of ex-bankers who built our career based on our clients' trust. Integrity & client confidentiality is of utmost importance to us
  2. 2Transparency We are transparent in our service to you, allowing you a full view of all rates and fees across all financial lenders. And did we mention? Our service to you is completely free
  3. 3Strong ExpertiseWe know what banks and financial institutes are looking for. Hence we are able to represent you to meet your needs, and to make sure your loan gets approved

If You Are Looking For:

  • Business Working Capital 1Withdraw cash from your private/industrial/commercial property to inject additional working capital for your business
  • Individual Financial Needs1Withdraw cash from your private/industrial/commercial property to bridge individual financial needs & investment growth
  • Debt Consolidation1Withdraw cash from your private/industrial/commercial property to consolidate unsecured debts such as personal loan, credit card rollovers, OD cashline for lower interest rates to manage repayments & ease cashflow
  • Restructure Mortgage1Use your private/industrial/commercial property to refinance, withdraw cash & restructure mortgage

Let your assets work harder for you

Lower Rates For Higher  Returns

Looking to grow your business? Our partners' equity term loan is able to provide you with the best cash-out from your assets

We Are Your Best Option. Guaranteed.

"Thanks to Loan Factory, I was able to secure the financing needs for my company's operation. The whole process was very fast and efficient"

- Fu Yao Ming, Business Owner

"I was able to get cash out from my existing property to fund my business needs!  within 5 working days, They found me a loan and approved"

- Jane Chua, Boutique Owner

"The team is professional in addressing my needs. They got me a secure loan without much hassle, I was able to access the funds within a month"

- Michael Teo, Investor

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